This is the Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with Corporate Gifts

It is common to leave corporate gifts until the last minute. However, it can make a big impact on your business. Corporate gifts and branded merchandise can make a big difference in your business’ success. We are here to help you make it easier. This guide will help you understand the top uses of merchandise, how to make it work, and what to do.

Corporate gifts have many benefits

Corporate gift-giving can strengthen the bonds between business owners, employees, and distributors. It also provides many benefits that will improve the performance and efficiency of your company. Corporate gifts can be used strategically to improve your business’ performance.

For the Business

Positive attracts positive. This is why giving back and doing good to others can bring positivity to your company and show that you are a charitable, giving company. Corporate gifts can also be a powerful marketing tool. They have the potential to increase brand loyalty, build awareness about your brand and retain the brand image, or attract new clients or customers.

For your B2B Relationships

People love to receive gifts, and companies are made up of people. When you give them a gift, they are more likely to pay close attention to you. This can help build relationships with potential clients and current clients. It could be as simple to give them a keychain with your logo on it or a promotional t-shirt.

For employees

An organization’s gifting program shows gratitude to employees and thanks them for their hard work. According to research, employees who are given corporate gifts in Dubai by their employers have higher retention and loyalty. Corporate gifts for shareholders: Shareholders can feel appreciated when corporate gifts are presented at shareholder meetings.

For brand recognition

Corporate gifts that last a lifetime and can be used every day are the best. Your company’s logo and tagline will be remembered on products that are personalized with your logo.

The Bottom Line

Corporate gifts can be much more affordable than monetary incentives for compensating employees, clients, or customers. You can save significant money by buying in bulk. For the supply chain: A thoughtful and planned gift-giving program can support local businesses, suppliers, as well as potential partners.

The Top 10 Uses for Branded Merchandise

Different businesses use gifting and merchandise in different ways. Take a look at the following list and consider how your company might use promotional items or gifts. Is it a corporate gift that is luxurious or practical?

  • Brand recognition
  • Brand/Product Awareness
  • Corporate Identity
  • Public Relations & Goodwill
  • Customer retention and appreciation
  • Generate Sales & Referrals
  • Recognition & Communications for Employees
  • Introduce a New Product
  • Motivate Behaviours & Incentive Programs
  • Acquisition of a New Customer

It is common to believe that merchandise is costly. To find out how you can get ROI on promotional products, check out our article “Calculating ROI for Promotional Products”.

Consider these things when looking for the perfect gift

There are many things you should consider when starting corporate gifting. It is always a good idea for you to consider how the gift will be received by the recipient and how relevant it is to their needs. Let’s start by asking a few questions.

Define your recipients. Define your recipients.

Your staff members are internal recipients. Any clients, past, present, or potential, as well as anyone else who is not directly involved in the organization.

Which demographics are they?

Take into account your age, gender, and whereabouts. It is crucial to consider where they live. Consider a gift that can be easily transported if they live in different parts of the country. This includes anything that is too heavy, bulky, or fragile. Don’t send anything that can melt or be affected by heat during transport.

What are their priorities?

It is important to show your appreciation by giving a thoughtful gift that reflects the interests and values of your recipient. This will help you build relationships. Find out what gift is most meaningful to your client or target audience and create a solution.

What’s the occasion?

Are you giving the gift to celebrate a holiday? Are you celebrating a special occasion with a gift? You could also use it as a thank-you gift. You can find more ideas for different occasions on page 7.

What can you do to personalize your gift?

A customized corporate gift is the most popular choice. Before you make any decisions, consider how branding the item will impact the gift’s value. You can use clever design to incorporate your brand onto the item in an elegant yet eye-catching manner.

What will you do to package your gift?

A memorable first impression can be made with custom packaging. We can source a wide range of packaging including custom boxes, bags, and wrapping paper. You can be creative with your packaging and make it last a while. You can use an esky or tote bag instead of a basket for your hamper. Or a metal bucket such as the one shown.

What corporate gifts should you consider?

Gifting options are endless these days. A key tip for creating unique gifts is to nail the theme and concept. There are many options, but these are just a few to get your creative juices going!


Although spirits, wine, champagne, and beer make great gifts, they can seem a little too generic. If your client isn’t a fervent red wine lover, and you have sourced a Shiraz they will love, this might not be advisable. We recommend that you either build the alcohol into a hamper or create custom packaging to give your client the “wow factor”. This will allow you to add uniqueness and “wow” factor.

Items for the office

You can use everyday stationery such as pens and notepads for your daily needs. They are also useful and have their place at events. But, everyone uses them. If you want to distinguish your brand, it is worth thinking outside the box. Executive gifts can include leather-bound, monogrammed notebooks, iPad holders and premium boxed pen. You should strive to find the highest quality products you can afford.

Leisure items

This category is great fun. Your gifts will be appreciated again and again if you make the right choices. Your brand should be applied creatively to leisure items. You can give great gifts such as beach umbrellas, customized flip-flops and beach towels, glassware, cheese boards, glassware, bar accessories, glassware, wine coolers, picnic sets, wine coolers and bar accessories.

Technology & Tools

Although technology and tools are popular in certain industries, it can be difficult to find high-quality items your recipients will use. Apart from USB drives, many companies also choose bluetooth speakers, earbuds and multipurpose chargers.

Food items

Corporate gifts can be as simple as food items. They are often shared with colleagues and taken home for the whole family. You don’t want them to seem too generic so be creative and thoughtful. Before you send your gift, make sure you know the preferences and tastes of your recipient. It’s a great way to approach gift-related issues by turning your gift into a “foodie” experience. The hamper container could also be a useful reusable item. If your gift is going to be transported or exposed to extreme temperatures, food items might not be suitable.

Get Drinkware

Branded merchandise is synonymous with drink bottles and mugs. It can be done very well. These days there are many high-quality, elegant, and eco-friendly products that are worth your attention. Some of the most sought-after items include bamboo travel coffee mugs and vacuum flasks.

Health, Personal & Home Items

These items may not be appropriate for your industry, but gift ideas such as towels and wallets, manicure sets or mirrors, can make great gifts. Lifestyle items that your recipient can use at home include pizza slicers and salt and pepper mills as well as LED clocks, salad servers, folding chairs, barbecue sets, and BBQ sets.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits and strategies involved in using personalized corporate gifts in Dubai, it’s time to have some fun! The fun part is brainstorming! Get our Guide to Corporate Gifting to get over 300+ items and gifts for clients that are guaranteed to impress at your next corporate event or promotion.