The Growing Utility of Automation Testing for Business

Today, the world of technology is fully controlled by machines. You also need to check the performance of software and app products before they hit the market. Software testing is such a perfect option for performance management. Business enterprises of all sizes and types opt for automation testing for their applications and software.

Automation testing solves lots of purposes like faster development, quality-driven releases, bug-free software, and many more. Read here more about why automation testing matters the most for business enterprises with reference to testing types and phases.

As well as the developers ensure to increase application availability, infrastructure performance, automate events, processes, tasks, and business functions at all the levels of web, API, and mobile.

A proficient Automation testing company has enthusiastic SQA engineers who are experts in full-cycle software tests for accessibility, performance, usability, regression testing, and test-driven deployment by using manual or automation testing software. 

  • Automation testing services
  • Successfully developed automation testing scripts
  • Test your application with regression testing
  • Carefully check every test cycle
  • Pick right suited automation tool for product technologies as well as requirements
  • Develop maintainable, reusable, modular, and portable automation framework
  • Integrate tools and technologies with automation framework

Phase of Testing

Testing is an initial part of any established software project. Such types of testing rely on different aspects like project demand, budget, timeline, skills, and appropriateness. An Automation testing company has a vast domain and
are broadly classified into three-phase such as:

Unit: As the name suggests, this type of testing is the individual component or unit of software. Hence, unit testing is the prime phase of testing, and it is completed manually by developers before finishing the software off to testers or automated.

API: The application programming interface works as the “middleman” among all of the systems that software uses. Thus, it is tested after the development progression ensures the integration between software and systems. This phase of testing is majorly flexible and led either before or after the UI phase.

UI: User interface (UI) is what the end-user wants and relates with, thus it is usually tested at the end of the software process. Testers run this type of testing after the UI of the application is drafted for the authentic replication of the user experience possibly. And this is where the business tact of the software is checked and improved, which further comes under functional test classification.

Type of Automation Tests

Integration Test

Integration tests take all the discrete fragments and functionalities of a software solution and test them as a whole to assure simple operation between all of them.

Smoke Test

The purpose of the smoke test is to secure all the services and dependently run that tester can continue to conduct other tests. Generally, it is performed after maintenance or deployment. Hence, it can be manually run or automated deployed.

Acceptance Test

Acceptance test ensures some features that don’t know what it’s supposed to be. The test uses behavior-driven development (BDD) and automation test services to generate the acceptance of the test before the feature is established. Business, QA testers, and developers write these AATS tests like a team convinced the feature functions. In the future, they serve as a regression test.

Regression Test

If you don’t have AATS, you have to write a regression test. It works if there is a bug occurs or any changes are done in the software’s functionalities. Regression test ensures the application’s features and couldn’t impact work but follow as code change. Hence, this type of test is above, as software development life cycles (SDLC) are short and changes happen, especially in agile. 

Automation Test as Continuous Integration

Continuous integration may run on the automation regression tests itself, though, in completing ci, enabling the regression or identifying test suite to be run every time when a new arrangement is finished.

Performance Test

In a performance test, some aspects of the application’s performance are checked. A test automation company sees a software application’s response time, scalability, reliability, speed, or stability under a specific workload. To identify and eliminate performance in the software application.


Automation testing is a very vast topic and the best way to fulfill most of the testing goals with effective resources. It is measured to be a vital part of software development.

Hence, in this blog, it is expressed that there the different types of automation testing, with the right approach to complete most of the testing goals with appropriate resources and time. But it would help if you were alert before purchasing the automation tool that fulfills your need of the application, so it is vital to connect with an expert automation testing company that should have experienced staff before coming to a conclusion to automate the application.

Also, the tool that matches your requirement. However, it would be best for you to choose wisely.

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