How Are Your Funds Used When You Donate for Doctors?

Yes, it is one of those professions in which people rarely fail and where people do make money. However, even before getting a foothold in the profession, doctors have to pay huge amounts of debt incurred in their pursuit of medical education. So, after completing their medical education, when they wish to use their skills for helping the greatest number of people, the young doctor has to pause and think if they can afford it. They may be able to offer free consultation, but will they be able to give a free treatment? With this altruistic purpose in mind, they create organizations and seek patrons to donate to doctors. What are the funds used for?

The Funds Are Used for Medical Camps

There are many places that do not come under the orbit of government hospitals and private hospital treatments are expensive. In fact, for many conditions there may not be specialists in the hospital, nor can they be afforded. For instance, there are many reputed doctors who offer free cataract operations or heart procedures for people who cannot afford them. They may be able to conduct these procedures for free, but the cost of the procedures is too expensive to be borne by one person. So, they seek donations for patient care, hospital requirements, medications among other things. During the covid-19 pandemic, many doctors were offering free services in open ground to ease the burden on overcrowded hospitals. Medical camps are essential not only for pandemics and epidemics but also in times of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, mass fire, or war. Doctors must be facilitated with funds to ensure that they can do their work freely, without worrying about where the funds for the next round of medications will come from.

The Funds Are Used for Well-Being and Growth of the Doctors’ Community

Many doctors’ conglomerates pay for medical research being done by their colleagues where it is extremely relevant to the fields or situation. Overworking or constantly being in a high-pressure environment where someone’s life is hanging on the thread can lead to burnout. That is why, doctors identify and offer help and counseling to their colleagues discreetly so that they continue to do their work, knowing they have the support and understanding of their community. They even offer working loans to other doctors to set up their own clinics or for projects they wish to pursue to facilitate the growth of the profession.

The Funds Are Used to Help Medical Students

Medical education is very expensive, and doctors understand best the toll it can take on a student financially and psychologically. Hence, to make it easier on them, many medical associations set up scholarships and donation drives to collect funds for students. They request patrons to donate laptops for medical students to ease the burden of having to spend on ebooks, many of which cannot be purchased in India. This is among one of the noblest outreach activities that doctors do – supporting students who have talent and wish to pursue their aspirations, without being hindered by their straitened financial circumstances. The organizations pay the tuition fees, living expenses, and cost of purchasing medical equipment or books. They carefully whet the deserving candidates, understand their backgrounds and the type of help they will require. Entering the medical profession with a ton of debt could hamper one’s choices. In many cases, students don’t even get scholarships or bank loans. At such times, the donations for medical students from wealthy patrons help in a long way.

More Than Cash Donations

Doctors don’t just look for cash donations, they appreciate donations of any kind. If there are bed linens, clothes, or footwear, they will help for the use of patients. Many donors give a supply of medicines, thermometers, stethoscopes, oxygen concentrators, or pulse oximeters to name a few. They distribute these for use in medical camps and ensure it is well-maintained and the burden they face with the huge number of patients means that everything is used. Even for students, they ask patrons to donate laptops for medical students, even medical textbooks and other equipment used by students.

Support doctors and let them support the humanity whose well-being they have sworn to protect.

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